NERF Blaster Accessories

No NERF aficionado worth their salt hasn’t delved into the vast array of accessories or dart refills on offer. If you are looking to improve your accuracy, carry some additional darts onto the field or just fancy sprucing up your collection then take a look a below.

This is your one stop shop for all of the basic accessories for your blasting hijinks. If you are looking to improve your aim with a targeting punch or just wanted to get some safety glasses then look no further. Take your blaster battles to the next level!


There comes a time in any avid blaster’s life when the need to refill their armoury. From standard Elite dart refills to some slightly more exotic packages, take a look here to see what dart refill is right for you. One thing to remember though, you can never have enough darts!


These accessories are more specific – focused on upgrades for blasters in the Modulus series or any blaster which features a tactical rail for NERF attachments. All Modulus blasters can be customized (with over 1000+ variations) by attaching various ammo clips, scopes, shields and even a nifty stock pistol. If you want to trick your blaster out to the next level, check out our page.