NERF Gun Modulus Upgrades

The Modulus upgrade systems allows full customization of any Modulus/compatible blasters. With over 1000+ combinations of stock, barrel and blaster attachments you will be able to tweak and tinker until everything is perfect. Below is a quick summary to each of the different upgrades – what they do and how they attach to a blaster.

Folding Bi-Pod Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Folding Bi-pod Upgrade

Do you need some more stability in your life? The Bi-Pod upgrade fits to the front of your blaster and helps you take those pesky prone, long shots. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a sniper, this is a must have accessory (of course you will need a scope…).

Pivot Grip Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Pivot Grip Upgrade

If you need a get a firmer hold on your blaster then you should take a look at the grip upgrades. The pivot grip is sturdy and can be placed on the bottom or side of the blaster. Be sure to check out the drop grip in case you want a different aesthetic.

Blast Shield Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Blast Shield Upgrade

Now the blast shield upgrade may not be the most vital addition to you blaster but if you are serious about your game then it is worth checking out. The shield can attach to the side or top of your blaster and can easily be flipped up or down meaning you can quickly change your blasting style. Want to be defensive? Flip the shield up. Want to focus on your shot? Flip it down. A great addition to any blaster.

Proximity Barrel Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Proximity Barrel Upgrade

The proximity barrel doesn’t really add much to the blaster, it looks pretty cool but all it is really doing is extending the barrel slightly without upgrading performance.  If you’re a bit close quarters player then you may consider getting this upgrade, it’s not bad looking and may strike some fear into your competition.

Modulus Drop Grip

Nerf Modulus Drop Grip

Another grip for you guys, the drop grip is a bit bulkier than the pivot and provides some real stability to your blasting. If you are looking for a quick addition to your blaster and want to improve your game then the drop grip is for you.

Long Range Barrel Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Long Range Barrel Upgrade

The long range barrel is a nice upgrade for any NERF snipers, adding some addition length to your blaster certainly makes it look more imposing but we wouldn’t count on it adding any distance to your shot!  The long range barrel is more of an aesthetic change rather than an actual performance (it does look pretty cool…).

Dual-Rail Barrel

Nerf Modulus Dual-Rail Barrel

The dual rail barrel is a nice addition to any, compatible, blaster. It is very sturdy, locks in nicely and looks particularly cool. Like the other barrel upgrades the dual rail may not add much to your performance but does allow you to style the blaster they way you want it. Be sure to take a look at the other barrels before you make your choice.

Blaster Stock Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Blaster Stock Upgrade

The Blaster Stock is our favourite upgrade. Imagine being in a intense fire fight and you run out of darts, you would be defenceless! Not with the Blaster Stock, simply detach the stock and fire off two more shots – Your enemies won’t know what hit them. The Blaster Stock is an essential upgrade for any true blaster enthusiast, it is a lot of fun and really helps out in those tricky situations.

ECS-10 Stock

Nerf Ecs-10 Stock

There isn’t much to say about the ECS-10 stock. It extends on the standard stock length and gives you a nice amount of stability if you are firing from your shoulder. If you like to be precise in your blasting and don’t fancy one of the other stocks then it is worth picking this up. Not as exciting as some of the other but definitely not useless!

Targeting Scope

Nerf Modulus Targeting Scope

A NERF upgrade that doesn’t really offer any performance improvement but still looks damn cool! The Targeting scope looks a little more futuristic than the Distance Scope but it doesn’t offer any magnification. This is a purely aesthetic upgrade, if you are looking for something that improves performance it is worth picking up the Red Dot sight.

Distance Scope Upgrade

Nerf Modulus Distance Scope Upgrade

Don’t let the name fool you, the Distance Scope is purely an aesthetic upgrade. The scope doesn’t have any magnification and only provides a plastic cross hair. This is an upgrade that looks cool but doesn’t improve performance in anyway. Style over substance.

Red Dot Sight

Nerf Modulus Red Dot Sight

This is one of the best upgrades you can buy, a fully functioning red dot sight! The NERF Red Dot not only looks cool but unlike the Distance Scope actually enhances your performance. Find your targets with the red dot and be sure that they won’t be in the game much longer. Accurate and intimating, the Red Dot sight is a must have for any NERF enthusiasts!