NERF Gun Gift Guides

The NERF Reviews Gift Guides seek to answer the age old question of “which blaster should I buy?” Highlighting some of our favourite guns from across all the different ranges. Our goal is to help you find the perfect blaster. In our buyer’s guide, we breakdown the pros and cons each selected blaster and which playing style they fit best.

Check out the guides below to find your perfect NERF. 

N-Strike Elite Strongarm

NERF Blaster Christmas Gift Guide

Our Christmas gift guide takes out all the hard work out of festive blaster shopping. We’ve found the very best blasters for this holiday season so put your feet up, have a look and choose the perfect gun. If you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or just fancy treating yourself – you have come to the right place.

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NERF N-Strike Modulus StockShot

FAQs: NERF Blaster Frequently Asked Questions

With so many different NERF guns out there, each seeming to come with a special dart of attachment, there were always going to be a lot of questions. In our FAQ we try to help answer the most common blaster related questions.

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The NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Rough-Cut-2x4-Blaster.

Types of NERF gun: Blaster Comparison

The world of NERF guns can be very confusing. There are hundreds of different blasters in all manner of shapes and sizes. To make things even more difficult, some guns are only compatible with certain darts whilst others can shoot more than one type! Our aim is to be your guide through the weird and wonderful world of blasters and help you find your perfect gun.

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NERF N-Strike Mega Series Roto Fury Blaster

Intermediate NERF Gun Gift Guide

Now that you have graduated from the Beginner’s Gift Guide you may be looking for the next step. In this guide we will introduce you to the MEGA range (in all its whistling dart glory) plus some more advanced accessories and darts.

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Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster

Beginner’s NERF Gift Guide

With so many NERF guns on the market it’s difficult to work out which blaster to get first and what accessories you need to make sure you can keep up on the blaster field. Our Beginner’s Gift Guide, part of Gift Guide collection, aims to help you find the best bits of kit for anyone looking to get into blasting.

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