With an ever expanding range of NERF guns and blaster attachments it can be hard to keep up with all of the developments, dart types and age guidelines. To make a life a little easier we have created this handing guide to answer some of the most frequently asked queries/questions related to NERF blasters.

  • Are NERF Guns Suitable For All Ages?

    No, as a general rule of thumb we wouldn’t recommend a blaster to any anyone below 8 years old. In fact if you look at Hasbro’s official NERF site there is a recommended age limited of “Ages 8 and up”.

    However, the recommended age range for the NERF Rival range is higher, set at 14 years and up, this is because of the velocity that the high impact rounds leave the blaster is much higher than that of a standard gun.
    If you are unsure whether or not a blaster is suitable, we would always recommend to err on the side of caution and avoid a purchase. If you are still keen to get a blaster but want an extra layer of protection you can always pick up some safety goggles to add the extra layer of safety.   

  • What is The Average Range of a NERF gun?

    The average firing distance for blaster varies from range to range, for example, the original N-Strike series had a range of up to 35ft but the introduction of the N-Strike Elites brought this up to a standard of 75ft. If you are looking for even more range though you are best sticking with guns from the MEGA series which have a purported range of up to 90ft!

    It is worth mentioning that all of these ranges are provided by HASBRO and highlight the optimum range, actual firing distances may vary.

  • What Darts do NERF Blasters Fire?

    Although there is a large variety of darts available, each featuring different tips or themes, there are actually only three primary types: Elite, Mega and High Impact Rounds.

    The majority of guns fire Elite darts so if you are looking at a blaster in the N-Strike, Zombie StrikeDoomlands 2169 ranges you will be using Elite NERF darts. The main one to watch out for is blasters in the MEGA series, these guns fire a specialized “whistler” round which is a bit thicker than a standard Elite dart. Though MEGA blasters can fire standard Elite darts, we really recommend against it – for optimal performance and range you will want to pick up some specialized ammo.

    Blasters in the NERF Rival range make use of special spherical rounds (or “High Impact Rounds”) and won’t be able to fire standard darts.

    There are a few outlying darts types such as the NERF Arrow or NERF Missile but these are used by purpose built blasters or gun attachments.  

    If you want a full run down of the different types of dart then you can find out more on our Dart Refill page. Our recommendation is to be careful when choosing a blaster and make sure that you have some compatible darts – that being said, the vast majority of blasters will come with their specific ammo so you won’t be completely stuck if you get it wrong. 

  • Do NERF Blasters Require Batteries?

    The majority of guns don’t require any batteries and will work out of the box. “Manual” blasters feature manual priming and firing mechanisms but (of course) there are a few exceptions to this rule.

    There are a number of motorized blasters which include a battery powered motor to prime and reload the blasting chamber, this means you don’t have to worry about priming your blaster after each shot but you will need to buy some batteries as most guns don’t include them as standard as such. In our reviews we have highlighted every blaster which requires batteries to shoot and you can find a quick run down in our motorized blaster top 10 

    Aside from the motorized guns, there are a few blasters which require batteries to power accessories or modules. In these cases, batteries are not required to actually shoot the blaster but if you are looking to get the most out of all of the features then you will need to pick some up.

  • Should I Wear Any Protection Using NERF Blasters?

    Our motto is always to be “better safe than sorry” and with that in mind we would recommend you invest in some safety glasses or goggles. Even if you feel that NERF blasters aren’t powerful enough to cause any long term damage, there is no point in taking the risk. Some of the more powerful guns, such as those found in the Rival range, fire rounds at 30mps so a face mask is a must! Don’t ruin your fun by getting hurt.

  • Do NERF Guns Make a Lot of Noise?

    On the whole, blasters don’t make much noise at all. In fact it is much more likely going to be you causing a ruckus (shouting and shrieking etc.) than the gun itself.

    Your standard NERF gun is going to have a few audible clicks and clacks but nothing which is going to disturb your neighbours. However, if you are really worried about noise we would recommend you avoid any of the motorized blasters as these guns do emit a whirring noise as the motor gets up to speed.