With so many NERF guns on the market it’s difficult to work out which blaster to get first and what accessories you need to make sure you can keep up on the blaster field. Our Beginner’s Gift Guide, part of Gift Guide collection, aims to help you find the best bits of kit for anyone looking to get into blasting.

The Basic NERF Blasters

NERF N-Strike Jolt

Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster

When first getting in to NERF guns we would recommend that you don’t start overly complex. With that in mind we suggest starting off small with something like the N-Strike Jolt. The Jolt is a pocket size blaster which will help any new Nerfer get familiar with quick shooting and reloading.

The blaster comes with 2 Elite Darts and has a range of around 20ft. Even after you have become a proficient blaster master, the Jolt will remain handy when you find yourself in a tough spot. The perfect blaster for beginners and pros alike! The Jolt even makes it into our Top 10: NERF Blasters (so you know it’s good).

N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4

The NERF-N-Strike-Elite-Rough-Cut-2x4-Blaster.

Whilst we love the Jolt and it’s quick fire capabilities it will leave you slightly outgunned when things start heating up. To make sure you have enough firepower we recommend that you also pick up the N-Strike Rough Cut 2X4 Blaster. We love the Rough Cut as it allows you to fire 2 darts at a time and the pump action design means that it is super easy to reload whilst keeping a good fire rate.

The Rough Cut also includes a NERF’s tactical rail technology, meaning there is some space for additional customisation using N-Strike Rail accessories (check out of Rail accessories page here). The added space for customization means that as you grow as a blaster the Rough Cut can grow with you. The Rough Cut comes with 8 NERF Elite darts so you are ready to lock and load from the outset (it also features in our Top 10: NERF Blasters).

The Darts

N-Strike Elite

NERF N-Strike Elite 30-Dart Refill

We are going to assume that you, or the person you are researching blasters for, are just starting out and with that in mind our recommendations will start simple. If you want to check out the full selection of NERF darts then check out our full run down of darts here.

Both of the guns we have recommended so far are part of NERF’s N-Strike range, this may not mean much at the moment but the important thing to remember as you will need get N-Strike dart refills. We recommend that you pick up a pack of 10 N-Strike (Elite) darts as this will give you enough darts to practice and give some leeway for any unfortunate loses under the couch. The official darts are great quality and work with a number of different blaster types (Doomlands and Zombie strike for example) so even if you look to upgrade in the future, you’ll be well covered.

The Accessories

Nerf Elite Target Pouch

We are going to start small with our accessories recommendation. As you are looking at the beginners guide you may find that you or your giftee don’t even like NERF blasting and don’t want to break the bank in one go!

Staying positive, if you are serious about getting in to the world of NERF, we recommend that you pick up a Target Pouch. Not only will a targeting pouch help you practice and improve accuracy, it is also extremely handy for keeping everything neat and tidy.  The pouch can hold up to 200 darts and has a handy loop on the top which allows you to hang it from various positions.