First released in February 2021, the NERF Hyper series is a set of blasters specially designed for high-intensity, no-holds-bar play. Making use of Hyper high impact rounds and hopper system; Hyper guns have huge ammo capacity and high rate of fire (110 ft. per second). The Hyper Series is all about high octane NERF mayhem and unlike the Rival range, which are designed for red vs. blue team play, the Hyper guns only come in a very flashy yellow, grey, blue white color scheme. 

Although the guns in the Hyper range fire high impact rounds please don’t try to mix and match your ammo with rounds from the Rival series. Hyper high impact rounds are actually about half the size of Rival ammo so, to avoid any disappointment (and jamming), don’t load your old Rival ammo into the integrated hoppers!

Due to the intense firing speeds, Hasbro has put an age 14+ age limit on the Hyper Series and thankfully they have been kind enough to include some eye protection with each blaster. However, if you want a bit more coverage (to avoid getting a high impact round in your mouth) you may want to consider picking up some Hyper safety masks to avoid any NERF related accidents.

NERF Hyper Mach-100

NERF Hyper Mach-100


Fully automatic 

Integrated 100 round hopper 

Integrated shoulder stock

2x Tactical rails 

2x sling points 

Includes 80 Hyper high impact rounds 

Requires 6 “D” batteries 

Coming in at around 5.4 pounds the NERF Hyper Mach 100 is the largest gun in the Hyper series. This is a fully-automatic blaster with an integrated 100 round hopper (note, it only comes with 80 rounds so you may need a top up); so if you are looking to make a splash on the blasting field and absolutely dominate your enemies this is a good place to start!

Whilst the MAch is a pretty chonky blaster, the inclusion of an integrated shoulder stock and two attachment points for a sling mean that even the smallest NERF enthusiast can use the blaster with ease. In a game where agility is everything you won’t be slowed down too much by the large size. Spinning up the blaster is simple, like most automatic blasters, there is an acceleration button located below the trigger – simply hold the button down and get blasting. As a fully automatic gun, you only need to hold down the trigger to unleash a tirade of high impact mayhem. 

A nice development included with the Hyper range is the “quick refill” canisters. These come in two sizes, 50 or 100, and attach to any tactical rail on your blaster. The refill canisters are extremely handy, once you start running low on ammo, simply pop open your hopper door and pour in a fresh set of rounds. The Hyper Mach 100 includes two tactical rails, one located on the underside and one on top (next to the integrated iron sight). 

All in all the Hyper Mach 100 is a great blaster, it has loads of ammo capacity, an extreme rate of fire and the inclusion of 2x tactical rails for refills means you can keep battling on. Highly recommended.

NERF Hyper Rush-40

NERF Hyper Rush-40


Manual blaster

Slide-Action fire 

Integrated 40 round hopper 

Includes 30 Hyper High Impact Rounds

4x Tactical rails 

Requires four C batteries 

If the Hyper Mach was a little too large (and perhaps a little pricey) for you, then check out the NERF Hyper Rush 40. This hand cannon does away with full-auto and makes use of a slide-action firing mechanic. To prime the blaster, you’ll need to slide back the entire top half of the blaster (hopper included) before you fire off each shot. Due to the slide back mechanism, we wouldn’t recommend dual wielding this gun but once you get adept the slide you will be popping off shots rapidly. 

The hopper door is located on the back of the Rush 40 and thanks to the inclusion of 4 tactical rail spots you can load up on refill canisters and keep the game going with relative ease. There are no sling points on the Rush but due to it’s small size and relative lightweight you won’t be needing them. 

If you are looking for a good entry blaster in the Hyper series then the Rush 40 could be just right. It still has a decent ammo capacity and includes all of the lovely benefits of high impact blasting, without breaking the bank (or you back…)

NERF Hyper Siege 50

NERF Hyper Siege 50


Manual blaster 

Pump action 

Slam-fire action 

Integrated 50 round hopper 

Includes 40 Hyper High Impact rounds

2x tactical rails

2x sling points

There is simple pleasure in Pump-Action NERF guns, the smooth pump and shoot game style is straightforward and never fails to give a thrill of excitement as you offload rounds at your opponents. The NERF Hyper Siege 50 is perhaps the perfect compromise between the Mach 100 and the Rush 50 – this isn’t an automatic blaster but with a slightly higher ammo capacity than the Rush it’s perfect for anyone looking for a bit more out of the Hyper series. 

As a pump-action blaster, the Siege also includes slam-fire blasting, which means that as long as you’re holding down the trigger, each pump of the priming mechanism (located at the bottom of the blaster) will fire a shot your opponents way. As a result the Siege can fire as fast as you pump it – you are going to develop some serious muscles if you use the Siege for an extended period of time ; ). 

To make life a little easier (and to ensure you will never run out of ammo), the Siege includes 2 tactical rails – one on top and one located below the trigger guard. Slap on some refill canister, enter the arena and get blasting! To help with your aim there is a little iron-sight on the top and top spots for attaching a sling in case you get tired. 

For us, there is nothing better than a pump-action blaster and with the added benefit of Hyper technology and high impact rounds this is definitely one our favorites. 

(Ammo) NERF Hyper High Impact Rounds

Guns in the NERF Hyper series fire a specialised Hyper High Impact Round which you shouldn’t confuse with those built for the Rival series. Hyper rounds feature the same dimples as Rival rounds but are half the size – to avoid any jamming, please(!) don’t try forcing any Rival rounds into Hyper hoppers. 

If you want to top up your Hyper ammo, you can pick up a pack of rounds but we would highly recommend checking out the refill canisters first. Not only will the refill canisters give you some extra ammo but the canister itself can also be mounted onto any tactical rail in the Hyper series; extremely handy for when you start running low on ammo in the middle of a blaster fight. 

(Accessories) NERF Hyper Facemask

Though each blaster comes with a set of eye protection glasses, you may want to consider upgrading your coverage with a NERF Hyper Facemask. These masks offer full-face protection with an easy-breath design. Even the proficient NERF demon needs to look after themselves so worth considering if you are going to stage some massive NERF Hyper battles in the near future.