Here you will find our round up of the best NERF N-Strike Elite Blasters. The N-Strike series have been designed for the more tactical blasting enthusiasts. Most guns make use of the tactical rail system which allows you to customize your blaster with a range of attachments and accessories. Perfect for those of you who want more control over the way you play.

If you are looking for an overall round up of the best blasters then head over to our page top 10 NERF blasters for a run down of the best guns on the market today.

NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus

NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus N-Strike blaster


Fully Automatic

Motorized blaster

Includes 30 Elite darts 

“Speed Load” Technology 

30 round dart drum 

Requires 4 D cell batteries

The Infinus features a very nifty piece of Technology which will completely revolutionize your blasting. Not only is the NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus as impressive motorized blaster (more on that later) but it features revolutionary “Speed-Load Technology” which means you can keep feeding the blaster darts without the need manually reload the 30 dart drum. If you hate having to stop the game to reload then this is definitely a blaster to consider. 

As a motorized blaster, the Infinus has an impressive fire rate and is small enough to give you excellent agility on the field. If you have often looked at the larger motorized blasters and though them too bulky (*cough* Mastodon) we would recommend picking up an Infinus; an impressive innovative blaster. 

The Infinus includes 2 tactical rails (front and back) located on top of the blaster meaning throw on some attachments to enjoy a fully customized experience.

We haven’t been so excited by a blaster in a long time, the speed load tech is truly game changing, we’ll no longer have nightmares of being caught in the middle of a firefight and realizing we have to reload!

NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor

N-Strike Elite Disruptor


Manual blaster

6 dart rotating drum

Quick draw blaster

Slam fire action

Fires darts up to 90 feet (27 meters)

Tactical rail (on top) 

Includes 6 Elite darts

The Elite Disruptor is a direct sequel to the Strongarm which was a favorite of ours here at NERF Reviews. So we have some pretty high expectations from the Disruptor…and boy, it doesn’t disappoint. 

Hasbro haven’t made a huge number of changes here but have refined an already excellent blaster. The most notable change comes to the 6 dart rotating drum located at the front of the blaster, with the Strongarm you had to flip out the dart drum (much like an six-shooter) to load up your darts whereas the Disruptor is loaded from the front. Changing to a front loaded blaster may seem like a small change but it has a big difference on your blasting! Reloading, priming and shooting is now rapid, meaning you can slam off 6 shots in quick successions and reload without having to mess around with the barrel. 

As a slam-fire gun, you will need to slide back the priming mechanism at the back of the Disruptor each time you want to take a shot. But don’t worry too much about speed, much like its predecessor, the Disruptor’s priming mechanism is so smooth (and the action feels pretty natural) you won’t find yourself out-gunned on the blasting field.

Including a top mounted tactical rail you can also customize the Disruptor with a range of NERF and Modulus accessories

Without being too nostalgic for the now out-dated Strongarm, the Disruptor is a worthy successor and demonstrates that NERF are constantly improving on old formulas. A must buy for anyone looking to get in to blasting or for those who want an updated arsenal.

NERF N-Strike Elite Stryfe

NERF N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster



Motorized blaster

Tactical Rail 

Includes Quick Reload clip

Includes 6 NERF Elite darts

Requires 4 AA batteries

Whereas something like the Strongarm makes use of a pump action slide, the Elite Stryfe features an acceleration trigger providing semi-automatic fire!

Nothing will be able to stand in your way if you are toting the Stryfe, although we would recommend picking up an extended clip as you really will burn through darts with this blaster. 

The N-Strike Stryfe includes a tactical rail so you can customize the blaster to your heart’s content. (If you need any information on accessories that work on the rail why not check out our accessories page?). 

With a range of 75ft this is actually one of our favorite blasters available, a must have for any blasting enthusiast.

NERF N-Strike Elite Stockade

NERF N-Strike Elite XD Stockade



Motorized blaster

Automatic loading

Detachable shoulder stock

Holds 10 additional darts

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade is a serious blaster. Not only does the newly upgraded XD technology (NERF’s more powerful blaster internals) offer a range of up to 27m but the, battery operated, automatic loading means that you will tear up the blaster field as fast as you can fire the trigger!

The Stockade is a compact rifle blaster and features a detachable shoulder stock which includes space for 10 additional darts.

Making full use of the automatic loading this is one of the fastest blasters on the market at the moment; a great first blaster for anyone who wants to get into the game. Just don’t forget that you will need 3 AAA batteries to get it going.

NERF N-Strike Dual-Strike

NERF N-Strike Dual-Strike Blaster


Manual blaster

Fires both Elite and Mega darts

Single shot blaster

Includes 3 Elite darts

Includes 3 Mega darts

If you can never quite make up your mind between NERF Elite and MEGA ranges then (other than being slightly indecisive) the N-Strike Dual Strike may be best blaster for you.  

Now that you have the choice between two types of darts, the questions is which one to use? Luckily, you can flip between each dart by simply hitting a switch on the side of the blaster; each dart is kept in its own chamber so there won’t be any confusion.

If you are looking for serious precision then we would recommend using your Elite darts but if you want to strike some fear in the hearts of your competitors then you should switch down the MEGA Whistling darts! This blaster is a lot of fun and the combination of darts means you can switch up your blasting.

NERF N-Strike Jolt

Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster


Manual blaster


Single-Shot blaster

Cocking handle aides easy aim

Includes 2 NERF Elite Darts

What the NERF N-Strike Jolt lacks in size it makes up for in punch!

The Jolt is ultra-small so it can fit in your pocket or  hidden on your belt, making it the perfect secret weapon. Surprise your friends with some quick draw action.

The Jolt comes with 2 Elite darts and has an accurate range of around 20ft, all you will need to finish off your opponents!

Hide it in your pocket, maneuver  in close to your enemy, then pull down the cocking handle to ready your shot. Pull the trigger and reload fast to win the day! (The Jolt comes in 3 colors so it may be worth picking up all three!)

NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator

NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster


Manual blaster

Tactical Rail

Includes removable stock, Barrel extension & Assault grip

Includes quick reload clip

Includes 12 Elite darts

The NERF N-Strike Elite Retaliator is 4 blasters in one!

This is a true every man’s blaster and can be customized for any situation. Three interchange parts (stock, grip and barrel extension) mean the Retaliator can quickly be changed from an assault rifle to something more of a NERF sniper.

The quick reload clip allows quick reloading and makes use of the N-Strike darts which can be fired up to 75ft. If the insane amount of custom attachments leaves you wanting more, then the inclusion of the tactical rail on the top and bottom means you can add attachments as you please. This is a very dynamic blaster and should be considered if you want to combine multiple blasters in one.

The N-Strike Retaliator also includes a tactical rail so you can customize the blaster to your heart’s content.

NERF N-Strike Elite Firestrike

NERF N-Strike Elite Firestrike Blaster


Manual blaster

Front loaded 

Single-Shot Blaster

Light Beam targeting

Beam works on targets up to 15 feet away

Includes 3 Elite Darts

The NERF N-Strike Elite Firestrike is a neat little blaster. It may be small but it can still pack a punch.

Launching elite darts up to 75ft away! Now, if you fancy adding some accuracy to your blasting then the Firesrike may be able to help you out, the included light beam can highlight targets up to 15 feet away so you don’t have any excuses if you miss!

The Firestrike also includes a tactical rail so you can customize the blaster to your heart’s content.

NERF N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4

Nerf N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2X4 Blaster


Manul blaster


Fire 2 darts at once

Pump action

Tactical Rail

Includes 16 Elite Darts

The NERF N-Strike Elite Rough Cut is the crème-de-la-crème of NERF’s tactical blaster arsenal, the sleek blaster allows you to fire 2 darts at once and the pump action design means you can keep firing until you rise victorious!

With a range of 75ft and the ability to launch up to 8 darts without reloading means that you will always own the field. The Rough Cut also features NERF’s tactical rail allowing for additional customization with most N-Strike rail accessories.

It may be small but the Rough Cut delivers the best bang for you buck.

NERF N-Strike Elite NERF Cam

NERF N-Strike Elite NERF Cam Blaster


Manual blaster

Built-in camera to record your blasting battles

12-dart rapid-fire blaster

4-GB SD card holds 2,000 photos or 100 minutes of video

Includes 12 dart clip

Includes 12 Elite darts

Have you ever wanted to record your greatest blasting moments? Now you can!

Using the built in battle camera the NERF N-Strike Elite Cam blaster features a inbuilt video camera. If you want to snap a simple photo or record an entire video the camera and included 4GB memory card will allow you to store up to 2,000 photos and 100 minutes of video.

The Cam blaster includes 12 Elite darts and the Slam fire pump handle means that if you hold down the trigger you can unleash dart hell on all of your opponents.

The Cam blaster has a range of 85ft which makes it one of the longest distance blaster available. This is a serious piece of kit for serious blaster fans. A must have if you have the capital to back it up!