Finding the perfect NERF gun can be a little tricky. Although these foam-dart blasters seem simple on the surface, there is a huge amount to consider. New ranges are being added to the NERF roster every month so we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve got lost in the detail. As an example, what is the difference between a Rival and Elite 2.0 blaster?

To help you navigate the ever expanding NERF universe, we’ve put together a list of the best NERF guns available today. Each blaster will be more suitable for one play-style than another so be sure to take a look through the complete list and pick out your favorite.

If you are looking for something in a specific range, check out the rest of of our series specific top 10s.

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus

NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus N-Strike blaster


Fully Automatic

Motorized blaster

“Speed Load” Technology 

30 round dart drum 

Includes 30 Elite darts 

Requires 4 D cell batteries

Every once and while Hasbro introduces some game changing Tech to turn your blasting game on it’s head. Not only is the NERF N-Strike Elite Infinus an impressive motorized blaster it’s own right (more on that later) but it features revolutionary “Speed-Load Technology” which allows you to constantly feed the blaster with darts without needing to remove the  30-dart drum. Reloading is a thing of the past with the Infinus!

The Infinus is a motorized fully automatic blaster and is light enough to give you excellent agility on the field. One of the first things you will notice on the Infinus is a gaping hold just in front of the integrated shoulder stock – this is actually the speed loader! All you need to do is feed your darts through the hole and they will automatically get loaded in the blaster. It is oddly enjoyable just constantly feeding the blaster as a stream of NERF mayhem heads your enemies way. 

The Infinus includes 2 tactical rails (front and back) located on top of the blaster which gives you a lot of options for customization. There are also four sling points located around the blaster, just in case you  wanted to clip on a strap to keep things steady.

We haven’t been so excited by a blaster in a long time, the speed load tech is truly game changing. We’ll no longer have nightmares of being caught in the middle of a firefight and realizing we have to reload!




Motorized blaster 

Integrated iron sight 

Integrated shoulder stock 

Includes 2x 10 dart clip 

Easy clip switching 

Removable shoulder stock (with clip storage) 

1x tactical rail 

5x sling attachment points

Includes 10 AccuStrike ULTRA NERF darts & 10 ULTRA NERF darts

Requires 6 C batteries

The NERF Ultra Select is the first fully-automatic ULTRA NERF gun – combining the phenomenal firing distance of the Ultra series with the terror only inspired by full-auto a full auto blaster.  

As a fully-automatic blaster, the Select is going to burn through your NERF ammo at an alarming rate but thanks to the inclusion of a novel clip selector, you can load up two 10 dart clips at one time. Once you have exhausted your first clip move the clip selector handle (located just under the barrel) to instantly switch to a fresh magazine. Not only does the clip selector mean you don’t have to worry about reloading but it also allows for some very strategic thinking…The Select comes with both 10 long distance, ULTRA darts and 10 special AccuStrike ULTRA darts designed for precision. It won’t matter if your enemy is near or far, no one is going to be able to escape you now! 

Now remember, as this is a lovely full-auto NERF gun, you won’t need to pull the trigger for each shot. Once you have the accelerator button (located under the trigger) held down, all you need to do is squeeze the trigger and a stream of foam hell is going to fly against your opponents. The integrated shoulder stock should also help you out with your accuracy as you go full Rambo on the battlefield. 

With so much crammed into one blaster, the Select is surprisingly light – coming in at 4.24 pounds – but if you wanted extra support there are 5 sling points located around the blaster to help spread the burden. If you want to add even more, there is even a tactical rail for you to throw on some attachments. 

The undisputed King of the ULTRA series, the Select combines all of the best of the other blasts and squeezes them into a devastating package – it also looks pretty damn intimidating to boot! 

3. NERF Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32

NERF Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32


Manual blaster 

Front loaded

Flip-shot blaster 

Fire two darts at a time

32 dart capacity (4x 8 shot barrels) 

1x tactical rail 

Includes 32 Elite 2.0 NERF darts 

When we first saw the NERF Elite 2.0 Flipshots Flip-32, it blew our minds (not literally, we’re ok). It feels like Hasbro threw the rule book out the window when conceiving the Flipshots sub-series of Elite 2.0 

Blasters in the Flipshots sub-series have a unique feature, the ability to “Flip” their barrels and instantly give you a new set of darts to unleash on your enemies. The mechanics are pretty cool, to “flip” all you need to do is pump the handle (located on the underside of the blaster) and you can keep on shooting. There is even a handy locking mechanism which stops the barrels flipping unexpectedly as you tear across the field. 

The ability to instantly reload your NERF gun would be scary on any blaster but the NERF Flip-32 features four, eight dart barrels – giving you a staggering 32 dart capacity before you even have to reload! The barrels themselves are front loaded so worth a little preparation time before any fight as you really don’t want to be sat in the middle of a blaster fight loading up. 

The Flip-32’s tricks don’t end there, oh no – not only will you be flipping and firing but thanks to a special trigger you can actually fire two darts at once! Pull the trigger half way to pop off one dart but engage it fully and two pieces of foam hell will launch your opponents way. Now, as you might expect packing so much firepower, the Flip-32 is a chunky beast. Coming in at just under 6 pounds it will certainly give you a workout but thanks to the integrated shoulder stock it’s pretty comfortable to handle; as long as you’re relatively stationary…To prime the Flip-32, there is a handle located under the trigger which you will need to push forwards and back before each shot but once you get the hang of it you’ll be firing of NERF salvos at rapid speed. 

This is truly an amazing NERF gun, the flip innovation completely changes blasting as you can carry a serious amount of ammo with you at all times and not have to worry too much about the next reload. The fact it comes with 32 Elite darts in the box also means that a purchase will also considerably increase your ammo supplies. 

4. NERF Modulus Longstrike


Manual blaster


Includes barrel extension, distance scope, bi-pod stabilizer 

Includes 3x 6 dart clips 

3x Tactical rails 

3x sling mounts

Includes 18 NERF Elite darts 

What the hell! Hasbro went all out on the NERF Modulus Longstrike – unlike many of the blasters in the Modulus range, the Longstrike comes with oodles of attachments straight out the box. It may be a little more expensive than other guns but trust us, this is serious value for money. 

The base blaster is a bolt action, single shot NERF gun which makes use of 6 dart clips (loaded at the bottom) – allowing for easy reloading and simple firing. What makes the Longstrike an absolute winner (at least in our eyes) is the bundles attachments. If you are after a little more stability you can attach the included blaster stock – which will not only steady your aim but also has space for you to store 2 entire (included) six dart clips; no need to return to the ammo dump, you’ll always have clips to spare. Next on the attachment list is the (included) barrel extension, the extension won’t enhance your range but it will allow you to slot of the (included) flip down, bi-pod stabilizer. Once you have loaded on all the extras, the only thing left to do is decide where you want to attach the (included) distance site (either on the front or back of the blaster). 

The Longstrike is tremendous fun and the fact that you get all of the attachments out of the box is a real treat. The thing we like most about the Longstrike is that if you remove all of the attachments you have a very compact blaster on your hands meaning you can tweak and customize your blaster to any situation – 10 out of 10 must have for any customization fans.     

5. NERF N-Strike MEGA Motostryke

NERF N-Strike Mega Motostryke


Motorized blaster


10 dart, transparent clip 

1x Tactical rail 

Sling mount

Integrated shoulder stock 

Includes 10 NERF Mega darts

Requires 4 “C” batteries

Well, doesn’t the NERF Mega Motostryke look awesome? We’re not sure if it’s the dappled red textures painted across the blaster or the serious chonky size but we are in love with this gun. Throw in the fact this is a motorized semi-auto with a transparent clip and you may never look at another NERF gun in the same way. 

The Motostryke is a solid blaster, weighing just over 5 pounds; everything on the blaster is big. There is an oversized blaster stock to help you keep stability in your shots, a chunky fore-grip and even an hook for a sling (in case it gets too heavy). To get shooting you will need to load up your 10 dart clip, slot it into the bottom of the blaster and hold down the motor-acceleration button.

The Motostryke is a semi-automatic NERF gun so you will need to pull the trigger for each shot but if you have a quick finger you won’t lose too much time on opponents touting full-autos. You’ll also be able to keep an eye on how much ammo you have left thanks to the transparent clip!

As you have probably worked out, we really like the Motostryke – it’s big, mean and has everything included.

6. NERF Rival Takedown XX-800

NERF Rival Takedown XX-800 blaster


Manual blaster

Includes 8 High Impact rounds 


Tactical Rails

The Rival Takedown is a down and dirty one shot beauty. With inbuilt 8 round capacity, breech loading and pump action priming mechanism and relatively low asking price, the Takedown is one of our favorite Rival blasters to date. 

As a breech loaded blaster, the Takedown is exceptionally easy to reload and doesn’t require any fiddly drum changes or break chambers. Even as you sprint around the field you can pop more rounds into the breech and be good to go for another shot.

Though this is a single shot blaster, the pump action priming means you can get shots off in rapid succession and it is light enough to be fired from one hand (duel wielding anyone?!). 

Like all Rival blasters, the Takedown includes a trigger guard for added safety. Throw in two tactical rails located on the top of the blaster and you have a very neat package indeed.

We absolutely love the simplicity of this blaster – a must have.

7. NERF Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6

NERF Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 blaster blaster blaster



Motorized blaster

Includes 12 Elite darts

Includes 6 dart clip 

Includes removal scope

5 tactical rails 

Requires 4 AA batteries

Well, well well, Hasbro has got a lot of things right with the Elite 2.0 Phoenix – perhaps it is symbolic that the best 2.0 has to offer is named after the bird of rebirth but then again, perhaps we are just trying to stretch a metaphor…

The blaster is a small, lightweight, motorized marvel – sporting 5 tactical rails and stock attachment slots you can customize this blaster in pretty much every way imaginable. Pair the customization options with a lovely 6 dart clip and large targeting scope and you have found a match made in heaven.

Note that this is a semi-automatic blaster so even though it is fully motorized you will need to pull the trigger for each shot. Though The Phoenix may not max out ammo capacity or fire as many darts as a full-auto it is perfect for agile players want to keep mobile when blasting. 

8. NERF Fortnite AR-L Blaster

NERF Fortnite AR-L Blaster



Motorized blaster

10 dart clip 

Includes 20 NERF Elite Fortnite darts

1x Tactical rail 

2x Flip up sights 

Requires 4 AA batteries

The NERF Fortnite AR-L is a semi-automatic, motorized blaster modelled on the legendary skinned Fortnite AR. If the canary yellow color style doesn’t quite do it for you there are a few choices available (our favorite being the Durrr-Burger).

Aside from our foaming excitement that we can now recreate some of our favorite Fortnite moments in real life the AR-L is a tidy NERFing machine. Hasbro hasn’t just phoned it in for a quick cash grab here, the AR-L has all of the features that you have come to love from other ranges. 

The generous inclusion of 20 darts combined with a 10 dart clip means that not only can you stay on the field longer but you’ll also have enough darts to fill an entire clip for easy reloading. Trust us, you are going to need those extra darts as the inbuilt motor means you are going to be popping off shots as fast as you can pull the trigger. To make sure you aren’t firing to blind, the AR-L features two flip up sites and a long tactical rail located on top of the blaster; so even if the sights don’t help you can always pop on an additional scope for added accuracy. If in your NERFing furry one of your darts does get jammed, there is a jam door located on the barrel so you can quickly unclog and get back to firing. 

The Fortnite AR-L is a great entry into the NERF universe and proves that just because it’s a collab doesn’t mean it has to suck. If you do run out of Fortnite darts, don’t worry, the AR-L fires standard Elite darts as well (phew). 

9. NERF Rival Charger MXX-1200

NERF Rival Charger MXX-1200



Motorized blaster

Includes 24 High Impact rounds 

12 round magazine

Tactical rail 

Trigger lock

Requires 6 “C” batteries

Ok, so we might be showing our age here but the NERF Rival Charger conjures memories of the infamous SBP90 machine guns in TimeSplitters – the resemblance is uncanny! The similarities don’t just stop with look either, the Charger is a compact semi-automatic blasting meany! Whoever cooked this motorized NERF gun up must be a fan of the classic from Free Radical. 

The Charger is a neat little blaster which packs a mean punch. There aren’t two many moving parts here so if you are looking for a quick and easy semi-automatic Rival gun this isn’t a bad place to start. Though smaller (and with less capacity) than the Nemesis and not a full auto like the Perses, the Charger’s price point and compact design mean it is a no brainer for anyone looking to jump in with the Rival range. 

Doing away with magazines, clips or hoppers – the Charger makes use of an integrated 12 round magazine which is loaded at the top of the blaster. Hasbro have thrown in 12 additional High Impact rounds so you even have spare for an extra reload before you need to high-tail it back to your ammo dump. You don’t need to worry about rapid movement either as there is a magazine guard which slips over the loading slot to stop any wayward rounds escaping. 

As a semi-automatic blaster, you will need to hold down the acceleration button (located under the trigger) and squeeze off each shot to fire but thanks to the 100 FPS fire rate, your enemies won’t know what hit them!

We really like the NERF Rival Charger. It’s simple, compact and reminds us of fond memories of dual wielding SBP90’s in TS2 (which is very doable if you fancied picking up two Chargers). If you fancy getting the Charger into your arsenal be sure to pick up 6 “C” batteries as they don’t come in the box.





Motorized blaster

6 dart rotating barrel 

2x Tactical rails 

Includes 6 ULTRA darts  

Requires 6 AA batteries  

Here is something a little different – introducing the NERF ULTRA TWO. A nifty one-handed revolver that is packing some serious firepower. If you’re a newcomer to the ULTRA series there are a few things you need to know 1) They fire special ULTRA darts 2) They have a range of over 125ft!

The ULTRA TWO is 6 shot revolver that abandons front-loading and instead is loaded from the back of the blaster. This may seem like a small change but it works incredibly well and shaves off the vital few seconds it takes to reload; meaning you can get back to blasting. 

Not only does the ULTRA TWO get top marks for being a one-hander it’s also a motorized semi-automatic blaster which is damn impressive when you consider it’s size! People aren’t going to know what hit them when you rock up with two of these strapped to your hip.

As a semi-auto you’ll need to pull the trigger for each shot but as an eagle-eyed gunslinger, you don’t need hundreds of darts to defeat your enemies, do you?

To top (and bottom) it off the ULTRA TWO includes two tactical rails – one above and below the barrel so if you do need a bit more target practice why not slot on a red dot sight or maybe even a long-range scope!?