The N-Strike NERF Mega range is a sub-series of the popular N-Strike Elite. Whilst Elite blasters have a focus on fire power and sleek design, the Mega range sacrifices sleek aesthetics to achieve maximum  firepower. One thing which really sets the Mega range apart is the use of “Whistler” darts. Whistler darts are thicker and, thanks to specially designed tips, whistle as they fly through the air meaning your can terrify your opponents before they have even seen you!

If you are looking for a slightly more curated list then why not check out our ultimate top 10 of all NERF blasters. If you are new to the NERF scene or are looking to get a gift for someone then we would recommend starting with our Guide section – Whatever you choose to do, happy blasting!

NERF N-Strike MEGA Motostryke

NERF N-Strike Mega Motostryke


Motorized blaster


10 dart, transparent clip 

1x Tactical rail 

Sling mount

Integrated shoulder stock 

Includes 10 NERF Mega darts

Requires 4 “C” batteries

Well, doesn’t the NERF Mega Motostryke look awesome? We’re not sure if it’s the dabbled red textures painted across the blaster or the serious chonky size but we are in love with this gun – throw in the fact this is a motorized semi-auto with a transparent clip and you may never look at another NERF gun in the same way. 

The Motostryke is a solid blaster, weighing just over 5 pounds, everything on the blaster is big – there is an oversized blaster stock to help you keep stability in your shots, a chunky fore-grip and even an hook for a sling (in case it gets too heavy). To get shooting you will need to load up your 10 dart clip, slot it into the bottom of the blaster and hold down the motor-acceleration button. The Motostryke is a semi-automatic NERF gun so you will need to pull the trigger for each shot but if you have a quick finger you won’t lose too much time on opponents touting full-autos – you’ll also be able to keep an eye on how much ammo you have left thanks to the transparent clip!

As you have probably worked out, we really like the Motostryke – it’s big, mean and has everything included. A must have for any NERF Mega fan.

N-Strike MEGA Twinshock

NERF N-Strike Mega Twinshock blaster


Front loaded blaster

Includes 10 Mega darts 

3 way to fire: 1 dart, 2 dart, slam fire 


The Twinshock is a blaster with a few tricks up its sleeve. This impressive two-handed manual blaster is front loaded with up to 10 darts at a time and gives you 3 ways to fire – single shot, double shot(!) and rapid slam fire(!!). 

The Twinshock is primed using a slam-fire slider located at the bottom of the blaster and this is where things get interesting. Pulling the trigger slowly will fire off one dart, a quick squeeze will unload 2 darts and holding the trigger down whilst pumping the priming mechanism will unleash darts with each pump. Though front loaded blasters may not be the most innovative, they rarely jam and the inclusion of 3 fire types make it a firm favourite.

If you are looking for a fun blaster at a relatively cheap price then we would definitely recommend the TwinShock.  

N-Strike MEGA Mastodon

MEGA Mastodon


First motorised Mega blaster

24-dart rotating drum

Includes 24 Whistler darts

Includes shoulder strap

The N-Strike Mega Mastodon is monstrous blaster and the crowning glory of the Mega range. If you prefer sheer firepower over accuracy then you may just have found your perfect blaster.

The Mastodon features a massive 24 dart motorized drum – once you’re done loading, get ready to unleash dart hell! There is no need to take aim with the Mastodon, this monster really falls under the spray and pray category of NERF guns. Don’t worry though it won’t be you praying once the drum has got up to full speed you will be firing darts anywhere you look!

One word of warning though, the Mastodon is a heavy blaster, which makes it a little tough for smaller NERF fans so we would recommend that you make use of the included shoulder strap. The Mastodon comes with 24 whistler darts but does require 6 D batteries which aren’t included. If you are serious about blasting then seriously consider getting yourself the Mastodon, it even features in our NERF N-Strike Mega Top 10.

N-Strike MEGA Megalodon

NERF N-Strike Mega Megalodon blaster


Includes 20 NERF Mega darts 

Includes 20-dart rotating drum 

Crank to fire 

You have to give it to the guys at Hasbro when it comes to the Mega range – throwing together some of the wackiest and oversized blasters on the market, they must have a lot of fun. The Megalodon (ha) is an oversized “crank-fire” drum blaster which can fire up to 20 NERF Mega darts before needing to be reloaded. 

Don’t let the “crank-fire” idea throw you, this is a classic slam-fire blaster but rather than using a slide mechanism, Hasbro have fitted the Megalodon with an easy-to-grip handle which you “crank” back to prime. 

If you like to throw a bit of showmanship into your blasting game then Mega blasters are always the way to go and the Megalodon is a good addition to any arsenal. It’s not our favorite in the range but still a heavy hitter if you like the design.

N-Strike MEGA DoubleBreach

NERF N-Strike Elite DoubleBreach Blaster



Double-barrel blasting

Fires 1 dart at a time (two in a row)

Up to 90 feet (27 meters) range


Barrel mounted 4 dart storage

Includes 6 whistler darts

The N-Strike Mega DoubleBreach is a NERF classic. Featuring breach loading and a pump action cocking mechanism this blaster is a lot of fun. Load up two whistler darts, pump and start blasting. The DoubleBreach has two barrels allowing for two darts to be loaded at once – fire two shots in quick succession without having to reload! The simplicity of this blaster makes it one of our favorites here at NERF Reviews and definitely one to consider if you are just getting in to blasters.

The DoubleBreach also has room for 4 darts along the barrel so you can load two of the included 6 darts into the chamber and store the rest for later use. Once you get quick as reloading this is a seriously fearsome blaster, able to fire darts up to 90ft!

N-Strike MEGA AccusStrike MEGA Bulldog

NERF N-Strike AccusStrike Mega Bulldog blaster


Includes 6 AccuStrike Mega darts 

Transforming blaster

Swing-down grip, stock and sight 

3 dart storage

The Mega Bulldog is a neat little transforming blaster – excellent for compact play. Swinging down the included, front mounted, grip will transform the blaster from NERF pistol into a more stable blaster. When you engage the swing-down grip the Bulldog’s stock extends backwards and a handing sight flips up on top – magic!


The Bulldog is a front-loaded 3 slot plaster with a pull-back priming mechanism located at the back. Making use of AccuStrike Mega darts, the Bulldog is pretty accurate and it’s small size makes it perfect for players who like to run-and-gun. Throw in the included tactical rail slot (located on top of the blaster) and you have a very neat package. 

N-Strike AccuStrike MEGA Thunderhawk

NERF N-Strike AccuStrike Mega Thunderhawk


Bolt-action firing 

Extendable barrel 

10 Accustrike Mega darts 

Built in folding bi-pod 


Looks can be deceiving and that has never been more true (in a NERF gun sense) than the Mega Thunderhawk. This unassuming two-handed blaster may not look like much on the surface but slide out the barrel and you’ll find yourself with one of NERF longest blasters to date! 


There is a lot to like in the Thunderhawk. The fully extended barrel and built in, flip-down, bi-pod means you get a good level of stability for those tricky shots and the specially designed AccuStrike Mega darts will certainly help with your accuracy but we can’t help but think that the Thunderhawk is style over substance. Although the barrel slides out the actual firing mechanism doesn’t move, this means that although it looks and feels like a NERF sniper it really isn’t’ and when compared to the Mega Centurion, we can’t help but feel a little let down. 

Don’t let us be too gloomy though, the Thunderhawk is a cool blaster. Featuring a side-loaded clip and bolt action priming mechanism the Thunderhawk is very stylish and fun to play with. The fact transformation from stubby two-hander to full blow sniper is a good bit but it does wear off pretty quick. If you are after something with better accuracy and range we recommend looking elsewhere.

N-Strike MEGA Tri-Break

NERF N-Strike Mega Tri-Break blaster


Includes 3 Mega darts

Break open blaster 

Pull down priming 

Sorry to say, we aren’t the biggest fan of the Mega Tri-Break. Sure it looks cool, featuring a break-open dart chamber, but lack of features and a relatively outdated pull-down priming mechanism means this blaster won’t be gracing our top 10 Mega blaster list


In order to load the Tri-Break, you’ll need to snap open the front of the blaster to reveal the loading chamber – from there load it up like any front loaded blaster. Although we love the idea of a break-open chamber, it doesn’t really add anything to the blasting experience and if anything just makes reloading the Tri-Break more time consuming. Add to clunky reloading the antiquated pull down priming mechanism and you have a relatively dull blaster on your hands. 


If you are looking for an entry level Mega blaster we would recommend checking out the Double Breach instead, it is a simply two shot front loaded blaster but doesn’t have any of the faff associated with the break open loading chamber. 

N-Strike MEGA CycloneShock

NERF N-Strike Elite Mega CycloneShock Blaster


Fires up to 90ft

6 Dart rotating drum

Includes 6 whistler darts

The NERF N-Strike Mega Cyclone blaster is a drum loaded, 6 shot blaster. It may not have the size of the other blasters in the Mega range but it is a great blaster for anyone looking for an entry level NERF gun. All you need to do it load up the drum, pull back the cocking mechanism and get firing.

One of the most impressive things about this little blaster is the impressive range. Making full use of NERF’s firing technology, the Cyclone can fire darts up top 80ft away. Don’t let the size fool you, this is a serious blaster.

N-Strike MEGA Big Shock

Nerf N-Strike Mega Big Shock Blaster


Fires Nerf whistler darts

Fits in the palm of your Hand

Store extra dart on the top

Includes 2 whistler darts

The N-Strike Mega Big Shock is the perfect entry level blaster for anyone wanting to try out the NERF Mega range. This simple little blaster fits in the palm of your hand lets you unleash whistler darts with ease. Simply load the barrel and pull down the cocking handle located at the bottom of the blaster.

The Big Shock may not have the firepower of the Mastodon but it is always handy to have one in you back pocket for when things get a little intense. The Big Shock comes with two whistler darts and has a relatively low price tag – what’s stopping you?

N-Strike MEGA Magnus

NERF N-Strike Mega Magnus


Fires Nerf whistler darts

One-handed blasters

Integrated clip for fast reloading

Range of 85ft

Includes 3 whistler darts

The N-Strike Mega Magnus blaster is one of the simplest blasters on the market but don’t let that fool you, this is one of the best NERF guns you can buy. With an integrated 3 dart clip, all you need to do is load up your Magnus and get blasting. The simplicity of the loading mechanism makes the Magnus ideal for dual wielding. It may not have huge capacity but if you are toting two of these guns, no one is going to take you lightly.

Simple and fun, the Magnus comes with 3 darts so you won’t need anything else before you get out blasting. 

N-Strike MEGA Rotofury

NERF N-Strike Mega Series Roto Fury Blaster


Rotating drum with 10 shot capacity

Slam-fire action

Includes 10 whistler Darts

Range of 90ft

If you thought the Mastodon was perhaps a little too big or didn’t want to rely and batteries powering your blaster then you need to check out the N-Strike Mega Roto Fury. The Roto Fury features a 10 dart drum, making it one of the highest capacity (no-motorized) blasters on the market. The Fury also give you a choice on how you want to fire. Cock the blaster with the slam action handle and squeeze the trigger for single shot blasting or keep your finger down and slam the handle to send a steady stream of whistler darts your enemy’s way.

The Roto Fury is a serious contender for best blaster of all time. The 10 dart capacity and two fire modes makes this a great addition to any NERF arsenal. The RotoFury comes with 10 whistler darts and has a range of up to 90ft!

N-Strike MEGA Thunderbow

NERF N-Strike Mega Thunderbow Blaster


Bow action

5 vertical barrels 

Fires darts up to 85 feet (26 meters)

Includes 5 whistler darts

The N-Strike Mega Tunderbow is a bow action blaster which features 5 dart loading. Simply load up the 5 vertically aligned barrels. This is the perfect blaster for anyone who liked the Lightingbow but doesn’t want to have to reload after each shot. The inclusion of 5 in a row firing does make the Thunderbow a little larger but it is still light enough to carry around on the blaster field.

If you want a bow that lets you do some rapid firing then this is a serious contender for your consideration. The Thunderbow comes with 5 whistler darts and has a range of up to 75ft. Happy blasting!

N-Strike MEGA HotShock

NERF N-Strike HotShock Blaster


Single Shot

Super compact

Includes 2 whistler Darts

The N-strike Mega HotShock blaster is pretty neat but not earth shattering. It lacks many of the bells and whistles which make the Mega range so iconic but if you are looking for an easy to use blaster with simple pull back cocking then why not pick one up?

The HotShock is a front loaded blaster with space for a spare dart at the top of the barrel. If you are looking for something simple or just dipping your toe in the Mega range then this may be the blaster for you.

N-Strike MEGA Lightning Bow

Nerf n-strike elite mega lightning bow


Bow action

Store darts on the 2 dart holders

Built-in targeting sight

Fires darts up to 85 feet (26 me

The N-Strike Mega Lighting blaster is a bow action single shot beauty. With an impressive range of up to 85ft this is a must have for any NERF fan who likes to pick off their opponents at a distance but doesn’t want to carry round the bulk of a Centurion.

The Lighting bow has a built in targeting sight which take most of the hard work out of aiming. All you need to do is find your target, pull back the draw string and let your darts fly! If you like NERF’s bow action blaster then the Lightingbow is definitely a contender.

N-Strike MEGA Centurion



Fires darts 100 feet

Includes a 6 dart clip

Includes 6 whistler darts

Removable bipod stand

The N-Strike Mega Centurion is a blaster with serious range – firing NERF darts over 100ft! Like most blasters in the Mega range the Centurion is seriously large, in fact it is one of the longest blasters that NERF has ever released. Featuring a 6 dart clip, the Centurion is easy to load and lets you take your opponents out over a huge distance – they will never see it coming! Load up your clip and pull back the side mounted cocking mechanism and you are good to go.

The N-Strike Centurion also includes a nifty, removal, bipod stand which flips out from the bottom of the barrel. If you like taking your time getting the perfect shot then this is definitely the blaster for you. The Centurion comes with 6 whistler darts and doesn’t require any batteries so it is ready straight out of the box.

NERF N-Strike MEGA Talon

NERF Mega Talon


Manual blaster 

Pocket NERF gun  

Integrated 2x dart storage 

Includes 3 NERF Mega AccuStrike darts 

The NERF MEGA Talon is a quick and easy to use pocket NERF gun. With all the lovely styling of a MEGA blaster, the Talon makes use of a pull-down plunger mechanism located in the handle of the gun – pull it down and you are primed and ready to go. 

Like most pocket NERF guns, the Talon isn’t going to be your first choice of blaster but it’s always handy to have at least one pocket gun squirrelled away for emergencies. The Talon has an extra benefit in the fact you can store your two extra darts on the blaster. There is a storage slot located onto and one just under the barrel so your reload is always in easy reach. 

Not an essential NERF gun by a long shot but a great addition for any NERF completionists out there.