The NERF N-Strike Modulus range focuses on customization. Allowing you to customize your NERF gun with a range of accessories and add-ons; including barrel extensions, scopes and in some case additional firepower! The majority of the customizations are interchangeable with other guns in the series, so if you have a favourite shoulder stock you can use it on another NERF N-Strike Modulus blaster. The blasters in the N-Strike Modulus range are some of the most technical blasters on the market. Offering an excellent experience for seasoned veterans and beginners alike.

There is a huge number of “modules” which can be added to N-Strike Modulus guns so we would recommend checking out our NERF Modulus upgrades page to see what you can add to your blaster.

N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike

Modulus Tri-Strike


3 way blaster

Fully customizable

Fires NERF Missiles (Missile launcher stock)

Fires NERF Mega darts (Mega Dart barrel extension)

Fires NERF Elite darts (Standard Blaster)

Includes 10 dart clip

Includes 10 Elite Darts, 4 Mega darts and 1 missile

Never bring a NERF gun to a Modulus Tri-Strike fight. The N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike is insane, the level of customization available here is simply jaw dropping. The basic blaster is actually a relatively simple single shot, clip fed NERF gun which requires you to draw back on the side mounted cocking mechanism before each shot. The stock Modulus Tri-strike fires N-Strike Elite darts and on its own is a solid blaster however, the fun really starts when you start adding on the included extensions.

Want strike fear in your enemies? Add on the Mega barrel extension, a pump operated blaster which allows you to send whistling dart hell against you opponents. Want to take things to the next level and destroy the blasting field? Add on the NERF Missile launcher stock to start raining down NERF missiles. The N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike is a blasting revelation; three ways to play and three ways to take down your enemies!

The N-Strike Modulus Tri-Strike is perhaps our favourite blaster here at NERF reviews. The ability to instantly change the way your blast by attaching different elements is an absolute joy. The Tri-Strike comes with 10 Elite darts, 4 Mega darts, 1 missile and all of the corresponding Modulus attachments so you have everything you need to get NERFing.

NERF Modulus Recon MKIII

NERF Modulus Recon MKIII Blaster


Manual blaster 

Includes barrel extension 

Includes storage stock 

Includes blast shield

Includes 12 dart clip 

2x tactical rails 

Includes 12 Elite NERF dart

We haven’t seen a new gun in the NERF Modulus series for quite some time (2019 in fact!) and the NERF Modulus Recon MIII is a return to fine form. An update to the previous MII, the comes with a slew of attachments and is even sporting a rather nice green color accent. 

Modulus NERF guns are all about customization and the MIII is no exception. Thanks to a load of included attachments, this is actually 4 blasters in one. The MIII includes a barrel extension, shoulder stock (with inbuilt dart storage) and a fetching green blaster shield; you can mix and match which attachments you want to include, making it perfect for almost any situation. If you are going to make use of all of the included attachments, there is one more tactical rail (located on the side of the blaster) just in case you wanted to take it up a notch. 

As NERF guns go, the MIII is a relatively simple, single shot, blaster with a  12 dart clip and slide action priming mechanism located on top of the blaster. It may not be the speediest of NERF guns, especially compared to some of the new automatic blasters on the market, but it is great to see a return of the Modulus range. The customization options are great fun and even if it doesn’t become your primary NERF gun, the attachments can be used on all compatible NERF guns, making it fantastic for spare parts.

NERF Modulus Longstrike


Manual blaster


Includes barrel extension, distance scope, bi-pod stabilizer 

Includes 3x 6 dart clips 

3x Tactical rails 

3x sling mounts

Includes 18 NERF Elite darts 

What the hell! Hasbro went all out on the NERF Modulus Longstrike – unlike many of the blasters in the Modulus range, the Longstrike comes with oodles of attachments straight out the box. It may be a little more expensive than other guns but trust us, this is serious value for money. 

The base blaster is a bolt action, single shot NERF gun which makes use of 6 dart clips (loaded at the bottom) – allowing for easy reloading and simple firing. What makes the Longstrike an absolute winner (at least in our eyes) is the bundles attachments. If you are after a little more stability you can attach the included blaster stock – which will not only steady your aim but also has space for you to store 2 entire (included) six dart clips; no need to return to the ammo dump, you’ll always have clips to spare. Next on the attachment list is the (included) barrel extension, the extension won’t enhance your range but it will allow you to slot of the (included) flip down, bi-pod stabilizer. Once you have loaded on all the extras, the only thing left to do is decide where you want to attach the (included) distance site (either on the front or back of the blaster). 

The Longstrike is tremendous fun and the fact that you get all of the attachments out of the box is a real treat. The thing we like most about the Longstrike is that if you remove all of the attachments you have a very compact blaster on your hands meaning you can tweak and customize your blaster to any situation – 10 out of 10 must have for any customization fans.

NERF Modulus Mediator


Manual blaster


Slam fire 

6 dart clip 

2x Tactical rail 

Sling hook 

Compatible with shoulder stock and barrel attachments

Includes 6 NERF Elite darts

The NERF Modulus Mediator is a straightforward NERF gun which includes a slew of attachment points which let you customize to your heart’s desire. There are 2 specific attachments to be aware of though – 1) Mediator Barrel 2) Mediator Stock – if you lock in these two you will create a blaster which is commonly known as the Mediator XL.

The fact that Hasbro released the Mediator without it’s stock or barrel extension included does feel a little bit like a cheat but if you are after a cheap and cheerful NERF gun which can be upgraded at any time the Mediator isn’t a bad choice. The stock blaster is a clip fed, 6 shot blaster with a grip that doubles as the priming mechanism. Unlike other blasters in the Elite series, the Mediator’s 6 dart clip is fed in from the side – not only does this keep everything nice and compact but it makes it much easier to whip away and replace with a fully loaded clip. 

Like all slam-fire blasters, the Mediator has two modes of firing – single shot (where you pull the trigger after each prime) or “Slam-fire” (hold down the trigger and each prime will pop off a shot). Along with the stock and barrel attachments points (required to create the Mediator XL) there are two tactical rails (located on top and on the side) as well as a sling hook point at the back. If you already have a lot of NERF attachments handy this could be a fun blaster – us though? We are sticking with the trusty Tri-Strike! 

NERF Modulus Demolisher


Motorized blaster


2 in 1 blaster 

10 dart clip

Pump-action missile launcher 

Compatible with shoulder stock and barrel extension 

2x Tactical rails

2x sling mounts

Includes 10 NERF Elite darts and 2 NERF Missiles 

Requires 4 “AA” batteries 

The NERF Modulus Demolisher is perfect for anyone looking to become a blaster tank. This semi-automatic blaster also features a pump-action missile launcher – just in case your enemies managed to evade your initial onslaught. 

Like many Modulus blasters, the Demolisher features a slew of customizations points – 2 tactical rails (located on the top and side of the gun), barrel and stock attachment points and if your attachments become a bit too heavy, even two sling mounts. As a stock blaster, the Demolisher is an easy to use semi-auto with an included 10 dart clip which loads into the bottom of the gun, to fire – hold down the accelerator button and start shooting (with each trigger pull). If semi-auto mayhem isn’t enough there is a missile launcher under the main barrel which can be fired with a simple pump-action. 

To improve your accuracy there is an included stock (which includes storage for your second NERF missile) but this can be easily removed if you want to swap it out for an alternative blaster stock. The Demolisher comes with everything you need straight out of the box, so if you are looking to tank up and own the battlefield then this is a no brainer.

N-Strike Modulus Recon Battlescout

NERF N-Strike Modulus Recon Battlescout


Record NERF battles!


Includes 10-dart indexing clip

Includes 720p HD camera

Includes 10 Elite darts

Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)

Record your NERF battles in 720p glory! The N-Strike Modulus Recon Battlescount is an amazing addition to any voyeuristic NERF fan who wants to record every second of their NERF domination. This is a pump action blaster which makes use of a side mounted 10 dart index clip – as long as you still have a dart in the clip, you can blast as fast as you pump!

What makes the N-Strike Modulus Recon Battlescout a truly amazing blaster is the inclusion of a 720p HD camera which can be attached the blasters top NERF rail. If you had an absolutely incredible shot but no one believes you, now you can show off every detail! The Battlescount is a true Modulus NERF blaster in the sense that it can be fully customized with stock and barrel extensions. If you like showing off then this is the perfect blaster for you! The N-Strike Battescout includes 10 Elite darts, 10 dart indexing clip and a 720p HD camera (just make sure you pick up some batteries if you want to record your fight straight away).

N-Strike Modulus Recon MKII Blaster

NERF N-Strike Modulus Recon MKII Blaster


Customizable blaster

4 different plays styles

Fires darts up to 90ft

Includes Stock and barrel extension

Includes 6 Elite darts

Includes 6 dart clip

The NERF N-Strike Modulus Recon MKII blaster makes an excellent first blaster for someone looking to get into the Modulus range. This single shot, pump to fire action, gun makes use of a 6 dart spring loaded clip to help you unleash darts as quick as you can cock and shoot. Like many of the NERF Modulus blasters the Recon MKII is a pretty simple stock blaster but comes into its own when you start adding in additional modules.

If you are looking for a simply great blaster you can’t go far wrong with the Recon MKII. Add on the included barrel extension and shoulder stock and you have a ferocious looking blaster with a range of up to 90ft! If you want to take Recon to the next level we recommend you fully exploit top rail to add on some more accessories.

The NERF N-Strike Modulus Recon MKII comes with a barrel extension, stock, 6 dart clip and 6 Elite darts. This may not be the best blaster in the world but is definitely great for anyone looking to get into N-Strike Modulus blaster with a low price point.

N-Strike Modulus ECS-10

Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster


Build your own blaster

Motorized Nerf Modulus

30+ module combinations

Targeting scope, drop grip and dual-rail barrel

Fires darts up to 90ft

Holds up to 10 darts

Take an armoury onto the field. The Modulus ECS-10 blaster is Nerf’s most flexible blaster, featuring a targeting scope, drop grip, dual-rail barrel and removal parts; allowing you to customize your blaster until you have the ultimate Nerf machine. The ECS-10 uses a banana clip allowing up to darts to be loaded at a time which can all be fired up to 90ft! This is the blaster of the serious NERF star – swap out the modules, build your blaster and play to win.

N-Strike Modulus IonFire Blaster

NERF N-Strike Modulus IonFire Blaster


Customizable blaster

Single shot fire rate

Includes detachable barrel extension

Includes detachable 4 dart holder

Includes 4 NERF Elite darts

The NERF N-Strike Modulus IonFire is a funky looking, single shot blaster with a sliding cocking mechanism located at the top of the blaster. What makes the IonFire so much fun is the ability to customize the blaster depending on your situation. If you are looking to have a full on NERF war then attach the barrel extension and four dart storage pack and head into battle. However, if you want to keep things sneaky, simply take off the extensions and start taking out your opponents with a slimmed down stealth blaster! The IonFire is super easy to load and fire, simply pull back the sliding mechanism located at the top of the blaster, load a dart into the chamber, then push the slide mechanism forward and you are good to go.

One of the things that make the N-Strike Modulus range stand out is the level of customization available. The Modulus IonFire features NERF’s tactical rail technology on both the top and underside of the blaster. The included mods are only the beginning, take your blasting to the next level by adding a scope or even a blaster shield! The N-Strike Modulus IonFire comes with 4 Elite darts, combine that with the 4 dart storage and you will always have an extra dart on hand.

N-Strike Modulus BarrelStrike

NERF N-Strike Modulus BarrelStrike


Converts from blaster to barrel attachment

4-shot blaster (Single shot fire rate)

Includes 4 Elite darts

The NERF N-Strike Modulus BarrelStrike shouldn’t be viewed as a blaster in isolation, what make this NERF gun so special is the fact that it is actually a Modulus barrel extension! Let’s focus on the blaster itself for a moment though. The Modulus BarrelStrike is a 4 shot, front loaded blaster with a single shot fire rate. Simply pull down the cocking handle, located at the bottom of the blaster, and you are good to go. The inclusion of four barrels means that you don’t have to constantly reload the BarrelStrike but it definitely doesn’t have the firepower of the Modulus motorized blasters.

Where the NERF N-Strike Modulus BarrelStrike comes into its own is when you combine it with another Modulus blaster. Flip up the blaster stock and attach the BarrelStrike onto the front of another blaster. This means you can instantly transform any other NERF Modulus blaster into a terrifying dart battle machine. The N-Strike Modulus BarrelStrike is the perfect back up blaster!

N-Strike Modulus StockShot

NERF N-Strike Modulus StockShot


Converts from blaster to stock attachment

4-shot blaster (Single shot fire rate)

Includes 4 Elite darts

The NERF N-Strike Modulus StockShot blaster is basically the reverse of the BarrelStrike. If you liked the idea of attaching another secret weapon to your gun but didn’t want things front loaded then the StockShot is definitely worth a look. The actual blaster itself is a pretty simple affair, featuring 4 barrels with a single shot fire rate, all you need to do is pull down the cocking mechanism located at the bottom of the gun and you’re ready to blast.

If you love the Modulus range but want to add a little extra firepower to your battles then the StockShot is a great addition. Simply attach the N-Strike StockShot as the stock to any compatible NERF Modulus gun and you have instantly added 4 extra shots. Surprise your enemies by whipping the StockShot out when they think you have run out of darts!

The N-Strike Modulus StockShot comes with 4 Elite darts and is a manual blaster so you won’t need to pick up any batteries. Happy blasting!

N-Strike Modulus Motorized Blaster

NERF N-Strike Modulus Motorized Blaster


Motorized blaster

2 tactical rails

Fires darts up to 90ft

No darts included

Requires 4 AA batteries (Not included)

The NERF N-Strike Modulus Motorized blaster is actually just the stock blaster included in the N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster but it doesn’t come with any darts, attachments or clips. If you aren’t looking to spend a bit more money and pick up the ECS-10 or you already have a load of Modulus upgrades then this could be an option.

The N-Strike Modulus blaster is a clip fed motorized blaster which can spit out darts at an alarming rate, what makes it better is that it also has a 90ft range; take out your enemies before they even get close! All you need to do in order to get this blaster firing is load up a clip (not included), hold down the motor accelerator button and pull the trigger. The major drawback of the Modulus Motorized is that it doesn’t come with anything. That means there are no darts, clips and Modulus upgrades included. It also requires 4 AA batteries which aren’t included but that is standard for blasters across the range. Overall, unless you fall into the categories outlined above, we wouldn’t recommend picking up this NERF gun.