At NERF Reviews we want to help you find the perfect blaster. Check out the latest and greatest blasters in the NERF Zombie Strike range. 

The NERF Zombie Strike range features some of NERF’s most stylised blasters. The goal of a Zombie Strike NERFer is took take out the Zombie menace before you end up as lunch; with that is mind you are going to find some insane NERF guns in this range. 

The overall specs of the blaster are consistent with NERF’s high build quality but many of them have added Zombie deterrents like spinning saw blades (foam) and additional theming. If you are looking for a fun NERF gun which works, check these out. 

Zombie Strike Crosscut Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Crosscut Blaster


1 dart fire rate

2-in-1 action

Rip-Cord Spinning saw blade

Includes 4 Zombie Strike darts

Ther NERF Zombie Strike Crosscut Blaster a nice addition to any NERF arsenal but if you weren’t a fan of the Zombie Strike Brainsaw spinning sawblade then we would recommend that you keep looking down the list. The Crosscut is front loaded, two in a row shot blaster which means after you first shot you still have the next one loaded up. The cocking method is nice a simple, pull back the hammer located at the back of the blaster and you are good to go. 

The main feature of the Zombie Strike Crosscut blaster is the additional of a spinning saw blade at the front. Unlike the Brainsaw which relied on a rip-cord, the Crosscut has a small trigger located at the bottom of the blaster (underneath the firing trigger). All you need to do is give it a squeeze and the blade starts spinning. It may not be the most devastating blaster on the field but it is good fun and would make the perfect first blaster for anyone looking for a bit more flare in their NERF gun.

Zombie Strike Blade

NERF Zombie Strike Blade Toy


A NERF Sword! (Foam)

Carry the blade on your back

O.K, we admit this is really a NERF blaster. In fact the NERF Zombie Strike Blade doesn’t even fire a dart but if you are looking to add another level to your NERF antics then why not check it out. The Strike Blade is made of durable (seriously durable) soft foam meaning it can take on even the toughest of Zombies. If you are looking to LARP or just want to build up your NERF Zombie slaying arsenal then we recommend check it out.

Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Brainsaw Blaster


1 dart fire rate

Pump Action reload

Rip-Cord Spinning saw blade

Includes 8 Zombie Strike darts

With a front mounted spinning sawblade the NERF Zombie Strike Brainsaw is an intimidating blaster. Simply pull back the rip-cord, located at the back of the blaster, and you will have a fearsome weapon in your hands. Besides the spinning blade the Zombie Strike Brainsaw is a pretty basic blaster, it fires one shot at a time and requires reloading after each shot. It does have the added benefit of dart storage along the side but if you are looking for something with more fire-power then you will want to look elsewhere. Despite the lack of firepower, we still love the NERF Zombie Strike Brainsaw.

Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster


Fires 3 darts at once

Features reloadable shells (holds 3 darts)

Includes 9 Zombie Strike darts

Stock Ammo storage

Includes Zombie Strike stencils

The NERF Zombie Strike Sledgefire is a powerhouse, firing three NERF darts at a time! Load up one of the included NERF “Shells” with three darts and start blasting away. The Sledgefire is a break-barrel blasting which means all you need to do is unlock the barrel by pull down the hammer, located at the back of the blaster, gently but firm pull the front of the barrel down and load your dart shell. The act of “breaking” the barrel actually cocks the blaster, so once you have you have snapped everything back into position you’re good to go. 

The NERF Zombie Strike Sledgefire Blaster comes with 9 Zombie Strike darts and 3 dart shells. There is also the added benefit of shell storage in the stock of the blaster so you won’t be going anywhere without a reload.

Zombie Strike ZED Squad Clear Shot Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike ZED Squad Clear Shot Blaster


Long-range targeting scope

One-handed blasting

Holds 4 darts

Includes 4 darts

The NERF Zombie Strike ZED Squad Clear shot is a pretty standard blaster but it does come with a detachable NERF scope so it does look rather impressive. Once you take the scope out of consideration then you are left with an entry level NERF gun, load and shoot so would make a great gift but not one for a serious NERF aficionado. 

The Zombie Strike ZED Squad Clear shot is one shot, front loaded blaster which comes with 4 darts. There is space on the blaster, under the barrel, to store you extra ammo but we wouldn’t recommend this as your primary blaster. Neat but nothing to write home about. 

Zombie Strike Side Strike Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Side Strike Blaster


Quick draw action

Includes holster + belt clip

Features additional dart storage compartment

Includes 4 Zombie Strike Darts

What the NERF Zombie Strike Side Strike blaster lacks in firepower it makes up for in portability. The Side Strike is tiny in size and comes with its own holster and belt clip. If you are looking to catch your opponents unawares or just like the safety of having an extra shot at your side, then the Side Strike is for you. 

The Side Strike is a front loaded blaster with a pullback cocking mechanism. It is extremely easy to use and there isn’t much that can go wrong. The blaster comes with a complement of 4 Zombie Strike darts and has ammo storage on both the holster and the blaster itself.

Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster


1 dart fire rate

Hammer-action blasting

Holds 5 Zombie Strike darts

One-handed blasting

Includes Zombie Strike stencils

Requires 4 AA batteries

Things don’t get much simpler than the NERF Zombie Strike Hammershot blaster, simple cock with your thumb, pull the trigger and send some darts your opponent’s way. If you ever fancied yourself as the lone survivor or wasteland rogue then you may want to check out the Hammershot, there is nothing more intimidating than calming cocking this blaster, taking aim and blaster everyone away. The Hammershot is also a great way to get in to NERF blasters, it is no nonsense and doesn’t have any additional features to worry about.

The blaster comes with 5 Zombie Strike darts so will work out of the box. The blaster can be fired and reloaded in one hand so you may even think about picking up two for some dual wielding!

Zombie Strike Ripshot Blaster

NERF Zombie Strike Ripshot Blaster


Fast-firing disc blasting action

Discs stored in the blaster

Pull back cocking

Includes 3 Zombie Strike discs

Have you ever felt that NERF darts are fun but actually you would prefer flinging discs at your enemies? Now you can! The NERF Zombie Strike Ripshot Blaster fulfills all of your disc firing needs with some extra Zombie slaying flair to boot.

Whilst your traditional blaster comes with NERF darts the Ripshot fires NERF’s custom made discs, just make sure you load them in the right way up or you will be stuck facing the Zombie hoards with no defense. The Ripshot isn’t a must have but for anyone looking for something outside of typical NERF warfare then it may be worth picking one up. The Ripshot only comes with 3 NERF Zombie Strike discs included so it may be worth picking up a few more. (If you are looking for more Dart and Disc refills then check out our darts section here)

Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster


Features lever-action blasting

Cocks 2 ways: Swing lever or flick to cock with 1 hand

Includes 6-dart clip

Includes 6 Zombie Strike darts

Features NERF Tactical Rail: Customize your blaster

The NERF Zombie Strike SlingFire is a compact, swing lever blaster. Featuring 2 ways to cock the blaster the SlingFire lets you play the way you want to. The blaster comes with 6 Zombie Strike darts and a 6 dart clip which means as soon as you get it out of the box the SlingFire is ready to go. 

Load the clip into the underside of the blaster, cock, shoot and the spring will push another dart straight into the barrel. If you are one for quick blasting and don’t want to get slowed down by constant reloading then you can’t go far wrong with the Zombie SlingFire. The SlingFire also features in our NERF Zombie Strike Top 10 so you know it’s a great blaster. 

Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow

Nerf Zombie Strike Outbreaker Bow


Crossbow action

5-dart rotating drum

1 dart fire rate

Includes 5 darts

The NERF Zombie Strike Outbreaker blaster is a NERF Crossbow, featuring real crossbow action this gun is a joy to use. To get blasting, all you need to do is load up the 5 dart drum and pull back the draw string. Once you are loaded up it is a simple case of picking your target and blasting away! Each time you pull back the bow string the barrel rotates and another dart is placed into the firing channel. This is the perfect blaster for anyone who like the crossbow design and likes carrying enough darts with them to level a blaster field. 

The Outbreaker comes with 5 NERF darts, enough to fill the drum, and fires one dart at a time. You won’t mind the slow fire rate though as the drum reload makes blasting a breeze.

Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster


Fires 2 darts in a row

Designed for one-handed firing

Includes 2 Zombie Strike darts

If you like Dirty Harry then you will want to take a close look at the NERF Zombie Strike Doublestrike. Featuring two, fronted loaded barrels, the Doublestrike is quick to load and quick to shoot. Simply pull back the hammer with your thumb and get blasting. 

We wouldn’t recommend the Doublestrike as your primary blaster as it doesn’t match the firepower of some of the bigger guns but if you like taking your shots nice and slow or just want a solid sidearm then you can’t go wrong. The Zombie Strike Doublestrike comes with two NERF darts and fire two darts in a row (each shot requires you to cock the gun); perfect for getting you out of sticky (Zombie related) situations. 

Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Blaster


Crossbow action

Draw back loading

Includes 4 Zombie Strike darts

The NERF Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow isn’t our favorite but it is a solid blaster nonetheless. The Crossfire is very similar to the Outbreaker but lacks the 5 dart rotating drum which means it loses some of the versatility shown by its cousin. 

Featuring really crossbow action and two dart loading, the Crossfire is good fun but isn’t great for those rapid NERF duals. The Crossfire includes 4 NERF Zombie Strike darts and storage for two additional darts on the blaster.